Participants Comments

Comment of Anja W.:
»…no matter if for individualists, adventurers or people who want to experience a special holiday, …the journey will be unforgettable for everybody…
if one wants to experience the magic silence an the magnificent starsky, here you get the chance for that…
… having the experience to see how the bedouins prepare our food was something special, and it was always tasty…«

Comment of Tanja and Gerd:
»6 camels, 5 tourists, 4 bedouins and one week of silence, sun, sand. It was quite a miraculous turn of the year at a really special place. Cornelia and our caravan leader Selmi have worked out a great route. The group was pleasant, not too close but nevertheless connected. Completely recommendable!«


Comment of Christian R.:
»…intense experiences in the desert, which are hard to describe for me…,
… With well-constructed route, trustworthy and hospitable Bedouin guides …,
… helpful tips also for the time before or after the camel safari of Cornelia.«

Comment of the 70-year-old Barbara:
»Well, first of Cornelia had organized everything very well be by mail or sms and telephone care, that things work well. The selection of the Bedouin was good, the men took care of, were very friendly and attentive. The kitchen was great. The route selection was varied, e.g. the gulch was something special, and the dune will remain in my memory. In short, a recommendable trip.«