Organizational matters


A flight from Leipzig to Sharm el Sheik usually costs € 450-500, but with early booking discounts or special offers, which once in a while are available for example under the name »Condorfliegen«, it might turn out even cheaper than that.
Please note that Christmas and Easter are popular times for travelling, and the prices will reflect this fact.

  • The airport of Sharm el Sheik is a destination which can be reached from any German airport offering charter flights (the same goes for Switzerland, Austria, Holland and Belgium)
  • average flight time will be around 4 – 5 hours
  • The transfer from Sharm el Sheik airport to Dahab city costs 25 € per taxi (Minivan up to 8 people, if less than 4 people travel, there will be an additional charge)
  • I will be happy to organize the airport transfer


  • In Dahab there is a lot of simple accommodation available (hostels from 10 € per night / per person), just as normal hotels including breakfast (about € 15-30 € per person), but you can also find more exclusive accommodation.
  • Numerous deals in each category can be found on the Internet (eg hostelworld and enter »Dahab«). The hotel accomodation I have recommended and booked for participants until now, have always been to their complete satisfaction.
  • During the camel safari we sleep outdoors under the magnificant starry sky. (please see under »More facts and further information regarding the camel trekking safari«)


  • For entering the country a valid passport is needed, with at least 6 months’ validity left.
  • An identity card and an extra passport photo would also be sufficient. If you enter the country with an ID card only, then a so-called yellow card needs to be filled out, which you will get at the airport on request. It needs to be filled out right there and two additional passport photos are needed.
  • A visa can be paid for at the airport upon arrival (approx. U.S. $15) Please do check/verify your nationality´s specific visa requirements before travelling!
  • To me personally, having a visa has always felt reassuring, as there are many police road blocks, which since the terrorist attacks several years ago are part of everyday life in Egypt. It is not mandatory however, a stamp in your passport should do!
    ->Please do check/verify your nationality´s specific visa/immigration requirements before travelling!


  • The local currency is the Egyptian Pound, abbreviated as LE, the LE currency rate is approx. 200 to every 10 €
  • Currency exchange at local banks with their long opening hours (plus ATMs) is much cheaper than buying egyptian currency in Germany.
  • Dahab has plenty of ATMs, which can do cash exchange as well.


  • Please make sure that your tetanus vaccination is current. It must be renewed every 10 years.
  • Country-specific vaccination recommendations are available on the Internet
  • There are no compulsory vaccinations. It is your personal choice/responsibility to get vaccinated.
  • I also recommend a diphtheria vaccination as well as anti diarrheal medicine.
  • Please make sure your vaccinations are taken care of on time (not right before the trip), Depending on the vaccine, it might take some time till actual protection kicks in.

Medical care:

  • There are pharmacies in Dahab which have a wide selection of medicines available.
  • In Dahab there are two hospitals, one of them to European standards, as well as a good dental clinic.
  • The cost of treatment and medicines are to be paid locally and are, compared to Germany, rather inexpensive.
  • Should there be an emergency while we are camel trekking, the Bedouins´ relatives will be informed by mobile phone. Every family owns an off-road car, which will then come to our rescue.


  • I recommend you take out travel insurance. Please check with your health insurance, whether you are covered in case of hospitalization

Power supply:

  • 220 VAC
  • Adapters (for German plugs) are usually not required, but if you you need adapters, they can be purchased locally (like everything else as to daily essentials).

Time difference:

  • London Time is the same as Greenwich Mean Time less than half of the year. During Daylight Saving Time, London Time is GMT+1, also known as British Summer Time (BST).
    Egypt Standard Time is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).
    Egypt operates Daylight-Saving Time between the last Friday in April and the last Thursday in September when the clocks are 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3).

Recommendations regarding luggage and clothing

  • Baggage:
    Weight allowance -> the weight of the luggage should be limited during the safari, as the camels do carry everything for us, our food as well as the animal feed, water, blankets, our luggage and us.
Important is a closed backpack or a bag which can be securely mounted on the camel´s saddle and can be packed easily and quickly.
An additional small backpack is useful for your important personal gear (camera, water, maybe a sweater or a jacket, nuts or candy etc. Dates, nuts and cookies can be bought locally and are rather inexpensive.)
  • Clothing:
    • I recommend the »onion principle«, that is several layers of clothing.
    • esspecially for the winter tour in December / January:
      • lightweight comfortable clothing for the night (perhaps thermal underwear)
      • 1 pair of warm socks
      • thin gloves for evenings / nights
    • headgear (hat, scarf) as well as sun protection during the day
    • short-sleeved T-shirts as well as a long-sleeved sweater
    • a good windproof outdoor jacket for protection from wind and cold, despite increases in winter temperatures to more than 20 Celsius, the breeze can be quite chilly
    • lightweight hiking shoes (not sandals!) that are comfortable for walking, but are not too heavy for riding on a camel.
    • comfortable old jeans suitable for riding or riding breeches for horse back riding.
    • During spring and autumn it can become quite warm during the day, but I stilll would recommend long-sleeved clothing for sun protection.
    • additionally closed sandals (the plants in the desert are often quite thorny)
    • sunglasses
    • flashlight
    • swimwear
    • a metal cup (from an outdoor provider) which can be put on the fire for your morning coffee
    • Small medical kit, especially sunscreen, band-aid, antiseptic ointment and any cream you like as wind protection …
    • I will bring disinfectant, a first aid kit, anti-diarrheal and circulation stabilizing medicines. You will be provided with a list of the content of our medical kit.

number of participants

  • 5 up to 10 people
  • larger groups are possible – just ask

For emergencies: Jeep by the Bedouins


  • 7 days / 6 nights: 660 €
    The safari takes 7 days and 6 nights; in the evening of the last night you will be dropped off to your Hotel in Dahab.
  • Spiritual wandering week:
    7 days / 7 nights: 690 €
    Please make a request for additional information.
  • Students may apply for a discount
  • NOT included in the price are:
    • flights to Sharm El Sheikh and transfer to Dahab and back
    • accomodation in Dahab / Sinai / Egypt before and after the camel safari
    • Tipping for the Bedouins (approx. 30 – 50 €)

Travelling in the desert will also come with some small »hardships«. This may be, for example:

  • chilly nights,
  • windy days,
  • noonday heat,
  • muscle soreness from riding and / or walking through the sand,
  • only twice the possibility for a poper bath or shower (otherwise »Quick Wash«)
  • giving up the food stuff that you would normally prefer (nuts, sweets or dates are recommended as snacks for the trip and can be purchased inexpensively in Dahab). So far, all participants loved the fresh food prepared over an open fire – the Bedouins do a great job with their culinary skills!

Getting to grips with what this tour is all about:

This tour is all about adventure, letting go and entrusting yourself to nature in all its authenticity in order to be able to relax, explore and enjoy.

We are traveling in a group, which requires a down-to-earth understanding of what a group is and a willingness to lend a helping hand to your fellow group member. This is all about being together and doing things together. However, it will always be possible to withdraw a bit. Travelling in the fresh outdoors implies that everyone will retain a sense of being a separate person in their own right, even though being part of a group. If the participants are open to this, we can do meditation together in the evenings. The magnificent landscape, watching the Bedouins who will be leading and helping us, the camels, the absolute silence, the lovely night sky, which offers a clear view into our solar system as it can only be found in deserts, all this will have a relaxing, meditative influence on you.

In my experience, this gift which you will receive for all the »hardships« experienced during the tour will be with you for a long time and can be a beacon to you in your everyday life. I will do my best, to offer a variety of wonderful things to see, of »moving forward«, of breaks and pleasant togetherness within the group, as with the Bedouins and the animals.

I’m looking forward to this safari together with you.